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Draw Poker

While draw poker is still a popular game for home players, it is not very common in casinos or in online poker rooms. This means that you may have to hunt for a site providing draw poker options, especially one which is friendly to US players.

5-card-draw-pokerFive card draw is likely to be the most common draw game found and the play is as follows. The play gets underway with every player being provided with five cards, all of which are placed face down,. The remaining cards are placed aside and kept separate from the main flow of play. Once players have examined their cards, while keeping them concealed from other players, the first round of betting begins.

If there is more than one player still left in the game, the draw element starts to unfold. Every player will state how many cards they are looking to replace and they will discard this number of cards. The player will then receive replacement cards from the deck. Another betting round takes place once all players have decided if they remain in and then there is the showdown round, where the player with the best hand wins.