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Poker Games

It is important to remember that poker is a catch-all term and that there are many different games involved when discussing poker. Not every US friendly site offers the same level and variety of poker games. There are poker games like Texas Hold ‘Em, which are very popular but other games such as draw or stud variants are not as popular as they used to be.

There are online poker options to suit everyone but you may need to look hard to find your favourite if you prefer a more obscure poker game.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘EmIf you are into poker, it is likely that you are into Texas Hold ‘Em poker. This is the most post popular modern poker game; although it is has not always been the case. The popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em poker has increased greatly in the era of televised and online poker. The game consists of players received two face down cards and then 5 community cards being placed on the table face up. There is a series of three, referred to as the flop, followed by the turn and the river. Poker players can check, raise, fold or bet after every card is dealt.


Although all poker variants carry some similarities, it is fair to stay that Omaha is not dissimilar to Texas Hold ‘Em. However, with Omaha, a player is dealt four cards and they must create a hand with two of these cards and then with three taken from the community cards on offer.

In the online community, Pot Limit Omaha is popular and is commonly referred to as PLO. It can be played in a High Low format but it is commonly played as High only. This game should be considered a game of drawing to reach the nut hand. It is not uncommon for straights and flushes regarded as second best to lose out. A large part of the attraction of PLO, although a concern for some players, is the fact that the pot size can grow largely and quickly, making it a very expensive game with a lot of money at stake.

Stud Poker

7 Card StudThere are many different stud poker variants to choose from but all of these games feature players playing a number of different betting rounds with a combination of face down and face up cards. Seven card stud is the most popular stud variant you can find but other stud games include six card stud, Razz, eight or better H/L stud, High Low stud, Mississippi stud and Caribbean stud.

Draw Poker

While 5 card draw is the most common form of draw poker found on online poker sites, there are plenty of different draw poker options to choose from. Although each game has a unique style, you will find that all of the games revolve around players building a full poker hand before betting commences and then the player will aim to strengthen their hand by drawing, or replacing, their cards.