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Live Dealer Casinos

Live DealersOne of the most impressive things about online casino sites is the way that they are moving with the times. It would be all too easy for some casino sites to rest on their laurels but this is where the level of competition can drive progress and change. Even though there are not as many US friendly casino sites as would be hoped for, there is still enough to ensure that every site has to work hard to win players over. Some sites have to work harder than others but this level of competition is of benefit to casino players.

Some casinos will battle for competition with respect to promotional campaigns, others will battle with respect to bonus offers and other sites will look to provide more games. Whether this means a greater array of slots or more table games is up to the individual site. There is a need for casinos to look at what players want and then provide this to them.

Many casino players are looking for a more realistic casino experience. Being able to play casino games from the comfort of home is a great factor but there is something to be said for enjoying the spirit, atmosphere and camaraderie of a live casino. This is the one thing that online casinos struggle to provide but there have been steps made, even by US friendly casinos, to bridge this gap.

Casino sites need to provide a more realistic casino experience

For the players that are looking for a more realistic casino experience with more interaction and engagement, there is an answer. Live  dealer casinos are an increasingly integral part of what a casino offers to players and even US casinos are getting in on the act. Even if you are stuck at home with no one else around, you can check in at an online casino site and engage with the live dealer casino.

During quieter games, the dealers will interact with players and chat with them but during the busier games, there is obviously not the chance to engage and interact in this way. The social element is one of the key benefits provided by the emergence of online live dealer casinos but there are other positive factors too.

Live dealer casinos provide comfort and security

One of the biggest factors in the popularity of online live dealer casinos is the human element brings an added touch of security. Even though online casinos are rigorously vetted and tested, many players will still have doubts trusting a computer system or software programme to be 100% fair and legitimate. This is where the presence of a human spinning the roulette wheel or turning over the cards in blackjack can help to provide a sense of security and confidence in casino players.

It may be a small thing but there will be casino players that are happier to play on games that involve a human element as opposed to games that merely focus on the software aspect.

Big games are on offer

Live Dealer GamesAnother reason why live casinos have taken off is the fact that they are available for the most popular non slot games in the casino. The traditional selection of live dealer casino games is:

  • Live dealer casino roulette
  • Live dealer casino blackjack
  • Live dealer casino baccarat

The fact that these games are simple to play and most casino players know and understand the rules makes them the obvious choice for the live dealer casino option. There is a lot to be said for promoting the simple things and you could argue that a live craps game would be complicated convoluted. The fact that the three main non slot games are the ones on offer has helped to fuel the demand and interest in the live dealer options.

Around the clock live dealer games are on offer

Another great thing about online casinos is that they are available around the clock. Whether this is aiming at people around the world or people coming in from work at all hours of the day and night, there is a need for casinos to operate 24 hours a day. This is why the live casinos are also operating 24 hours a day. Some of the casino sites have taken a very proactive approach to providing a 24 hour service and employ dealers from all around the world.

With US workers having many shift patterns, someone is always finishing work and looking to unwind. With live dealer casinos operating around the clock, no matter what time you finish and get home, there will be a chance to engage and interact with a live dealer.

Sex sells

Sexy Live DealerAnother factor in the success of live dealer casinos is the fact that sex sells. When it comes to promoting a new campaign or offering something to players, if there is a great looking woman involved, a lot of men are going to be instantly interested in what is on offer. This is definitely the case when it comes to live dealers.

Everyone has their own individual preferences and tastes and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are few people who would argue with the overall looks and style of the women that have been selected to act as live dealers. They all have skills for their role and they can engage and interact with the online players, so they are all very competent for actual task they need to undertake. However, there is no getting away from the fact that they all manage to deliver a touch of glamour to the role and this is never going to be a bad thing when a casino is trying to entice a player to play on a particular site.

As the number of US friendly casinos rises, sites will need to provide more options for players. It has been proven that live dealer casinos are popular with players and you can only imagine that this popularity will continue to rise. This means that sites looking to give players what they want need to provide live dealer casino options. This means that players should expect to find a lot more live casino options and opportunities from US friendly casino sites in the weeks, months and years to come.