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Casino Deposit Methods

Casino Deposit MethodsOne of the most noticeable things about US casinos is that there are not as many deposit methods compared to European focused casinos. This is all down to the legislation that was brought in to prevent gambling taking place. Rather than aiming to make gambling illegal, the focus was placed on stopping banks from working with firms that run online casinos. The end result may have been the same as far as many casino players were concerned but it is always important to bear in mind that in the vast majority of US states, playing casino games online has never been illegal.

There are ways to make deposits in US casinos though and these options should provide something for everyone. It is annoying that there are limited options compared to casino players in other continents but any US casino player that is serious about playing online casino games will be catered for.

Credit card payments are the most popular deposit method

The most popular way for casino players to deposit funds into their account is via a credit card. The most popular credit cards for placing deposits into an online account are VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Of these three options, the most popular option is the VISA card because this has the highest level of acceptance rate. The other options are catered for by online casinos but some players have experienced difficulty in having their transactions recognised.

However, for long-term consistency there is no getting away from the fact that credit card payments are the most reliable form of payment available to US casino players.

Prepaid cards provide a deposit option for US casino players

The next most popular and effective payment method for US casino players comes with prepaid cards. These cards are eligible to be used for payments because they are often not directly linked to an American bank account or an address. This ensures that these prepaid cars are not bound by the laws that are imposed on banks in America. These cards can be bought in many stores across the country or online so there is an opportunity for players to buy them in a manner that suits them.

The fact that these prepaid cards can be bought in stores provides an opportunity for US casino players to make cash payments into their online casino account.

Wire transfers are also suitable for many US casino players

Another option that is available to some US casino players would be wiring money into their account. A number of casino players have found success in attempting to wire funds from their own bank account into their online bank. It is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the cashier but if you do this, the process should work very effectively. There are a number of different retailers that provide the wire transfer facility, providing a degree of flexibility for people. Another benefit from using a wire transfer comes with the fact that it possible for casino players to make a cash transfer without actually leaving a trail.

Some US casinos may be able to offer other deposit methods but these are not always guaranteed to be successful, some of the other options include:

  • Different credit card options such as Diner’s Club or JCB Card
  • Check or cashier’s check
  • Transferring funds from an offshore bank account
  • eChecks and online payment options

It is important for US casino players to know that they are safe when making a deposit into their online account. If you have trust in the company that you are dealing with and the transfer process, there is not a lot to worry about.

Casino players are not breaking any laws by depositing funds to their account

The important thing for US casino players to remember is the fact that they are not the ones that are going to be in trouble for adding funds in an illegal manner. The duty is on the banks to only allow legal transactions that take place. With more US states looking to take control of gambling and regulating it to their own degree, there is a likelihood that the gaming industry will become a more welcoming place for US casino players in the years to come. Hopefully this will lead to an increasing number of deposit methods being made available for players to choose from but as long as players can feel as though they can deposit funds safely; the industry will grow in a positive fashion.

The fact that it is possible for casino players to make cash deposits in pre-paid cards or transfers should ensure that there is a deposit option for everyone. This is something that is generally overlooked when it comes to US friendly deposit methods.

There is a negative side in that players will have to know in advance when they are looking to play online casino games. While most European casino players are able to deposit funds into their account instantly, this is not something that is available for all US casino players. In the grand scheme of things, the delay in placing funds into an online casino account is not the worst thing on the world. However, players that get a spontaneous feeling for playing casino games may find that their attempts are limited by the lack of available deposit methods.

There is no doubt that US casino players have struggled at times to receive the benefits that casino players in other parts of the world have received. This is annoying but things have gotten a lot better for US casino players in recent times. There seems to be more options for US casino players, with respect to actual sites and for making deposits. It is unlikely that US casino players will ever receive the same amount of freedom that other casino players are able to enjoy but marked improvement has been made. It can only be hoped that this progress is continued to be made in the months and years to come.